RE: [xsl] How to deal with special characters in XSL?

Subject: RE: [xsl] How to deal with special characters in XSL?
From: timw@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:22:48 +1000
Hi RABi,

1. for   use    This will not use the encoding   in the html,
but is the encoding for a nbsp and will display in the browser. (or you can
see for alternative methods
- ie using <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&amp;nbsp;</xsl:text>)

2. try 
<table width="100%">
for the table info in the XSLT


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> Subject: [xsl] How to deal with special characters in XSL?
> Hi I am a newbie to the X-world. :)
> I was developing some XSL layouts under the Orion server (now 
> being part of
> Oracle 9i). the server itself contains an XSL parser which 
> will translate
> the XML and XSL files into HTML before returning to the client.
> I am now having 2 troubles when trying to run my XSL correctly.
> 1) the parser treat all &nbsp; as undefined entities, if I use
> <![CDATA[&nbsp;]]>, it will be shown on the browser directly 
> with the "&"
> converted to &amp; in html. how can I put &nbsp; in my html 
> without being
> converted?
> 2) another problem happens to the "%" character. for e.g. I 
> have a table
> which is 100% wide, I will have to write it as:
>     <table>
>         <xsl:attribute name="width"><![CDATA[100%]]></xsl:attribute>
>     </table>
>     that works well in the Orion parser, but when I open the 
> same XSL file
> in IE directly, it will show "100%" inside the table on the 
> screen! I have
> to use <table width="100%"> in IE to overcome this problem. 
> is there anyway
> to make it work on all parsers?
> yours,
> RABi
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