RE: [xsl] xsl architecture issue

Subject: RE: [xsl] xsl architecture issue
From: Bryan Kearney <bk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 09:22:42 -0700
We have looked at solving what I think is a similar problem in two ways. In
general, you want a layering of stylesheets where each layer can be a sparse
tree that sits on top of the layer below it. At runtime, however, you need
the complete tree for the engine to work (since you do not have dynamic

We have investigated the following:

(1) Have a pre-process which takes the layers view and merges it into the
runtime view.
(2) Create our own WebServer / URL Handler logic that does the layering
dynamicly at run time.

-- bk

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>> Subject: Re: [xsl] xsl architecture issue
>> > maybe I dodn't understand, I thouught that the master 
>> stylesheet was
>> > fixed you mean that the same document-specific stylesheet will need
>> > to be used with different masters?
>> >
>> > David
>> Here's the architecture I want:
>> 1.each document contained in a xml file, this document 
>> should *only* contain
>> information about itself and no general layout etc
>> 2. a xslt stylesheet for each document that know how to 
>> render it's explicit
>> format
>> 3. a xml file that contains additional layout information 
>> about an xml
>> document, this might be how wide the layer it's contained in 
>> should be,
>> tables that's wrapped around it etc
>> 4. a xslt master stylesheet that processes the xml file and 
>> renders the
>> complete layout
>>     and renders the layout according to the parameters in the file.
>> It sounds a bit complicated but the beauty is that you get a dynamic
>> flexible system where you easily can change the layout of 
>> the system overall
>> or certain document types. If you want content in general to 
>> be presented in
>> a different kind of layer or dialog you just modify the 
>> master stylesheet.
>> If you want to modify how a document is rendered you just edit it's
>> stylesheet. If you want to edit the general layout of that 
>> document you
>> change the layout xml file, like for instance how wide the 
>> layer should be
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>> Mattias Konradsson
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