Re: [xsl] XSL:FO and Unicode Fonts

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSL:FO and Unicode Fonts
From: "Maneshi Tuli" <maneshi.tuli@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:35:36 -0500
Hi ,
I am using this in attributes set with this font .
and it is working for me
Fo suppports some of fonts , so plz check wheather it supports urs font or not.
<xsl:attribute-set name="totalslabel">
     <xsl:attribute name="font-size">12px</xsl:attribute>
     <xsl:attribute name="color">#333333</xsl:attribute>
     <xsl:attribute name="font-family">serif</xsl:attribute>
     <xsl:attribute name="font-weight">bold</xsl:attribute>


Maneshi Tuli

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Subject:  [xsl] XSL:FO and Unicode Fonts

Is it impolite to ask a XSL:FO question here?
If so, could you please suggest a more aprt forum? it impolite to ask about Unicode font support?
If not, how are people handling rendering of high UTF-8
characters on a WIndows platform, as BOLD and ITALIC

I'm using the standard ArialUnicodeMS font, but it doesn't
support Bold and Italic (according to Apache FOP), so when
I do <xsl:fo wrapper font-family="ArialUnicodeMS" font-style="italic">,
I get a 'no such font' error.

Does anyone know of a freeware Type I or TTF font Unicode font
with all glyphs present?

Or -- has anyone written a stylesheet to manipulate the fonts to create
a bold or italic effect?  (The former sounds likely, the latter impossible,
but I am just guessing.)

Thanks in anticipation of any pointers

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