Re[2]: [xsl] appendig to multiple output files

Subject: Re[2]: [xsl] appendig to multiple output files
From: Pierre Duhem <ls.duhem@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:39:39 +0100

I'm new to this list and rather new to XML/XSL too.

I'm now designing a production chain, from raw text to all kind of
formatted outputs, and my idea is to create a XML file somewhere on
this chain.

I have problems about how to manage footnotes in this text. Could
somebody point me to a Web page or archive where such matter is
already handled? Does somebody has an idea on how to format the XML?

Ideally, we would have

<note>Text of the note</note>

The problem is that we would like to have a transformation giving

blahblahblah* blahblahblah
* Text of the note

Does this ring a bell?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Pierre Duhem

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