Re:Re: [xsl] Dynamic XSL filtering using ASP

Subject: Re:Re: [xsl] Dynamic XSL filtering using ASP
From: "Laura Jenkins" <xsl_list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 12:50:04 +0000
___ Reply From Amrit Gill___
hello lucy, thanks for your help, im sure that that method will work, but i
do not know much about the asp side of things, it would be greatful if you
could provide me with the sample code i would need to complete the circle.
I dont want it to sound like you are doing "all my homework" for me, its
that ive been trying to do this for a while and i just cant find no
suitable tutorials on the net aiming at my level. And Wrox ASP and XML pro
book is aimd at the intermediate and advance users, so that proved to go
straight over my head.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Amrit..
Firstly This group is mainly to do with XSL and not ASP.
I do not know much of ASP.You must refer to MSDN Library for ASP help.
but here i would like to give u a fair idea of what i meant..

I am pasting you a solution that is from the archives.. actually u can go to the link
This will show up some useful information specific to your problem..

-- A Combination of MSDN Library and the above link should solve your problem


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