[xsl] processing improvements questions regarding document, parameters

Subject: [xsl] processing improvements questions regarding document, parameters
From: "Bryan Rasmussen" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:42:39 +0200
okay first a general question, should there be any improvement in processing
between the model of loading an external document using the document()
function and doing things with it, applying templates etc. or if one copies
the document into a global parameter and uses a node-set function against
it. Less general does anyone know if there would be any difference in
processing using these methods with either saxon or msxml 4.

A question about adding parameters to an xsl processor in asp:

I've got the traditional xml/asp page, I load in two xml pages, one for the
menu the other for content, apply xslts against them to get output. In doing
so I pass in some parameters, am thinking about passing in nodesets
extracted from a dom document, would there be any gain in doing it this way
or would it be better to load in a document from the xslt and then pass a
parameter telling the xslt which info it should be getting. For example
$browser is used to get the setting info for
msxsl:node-set($settings)/browser[@type = $browser].

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