[xsl] Merging the attributes of a similar element

Subject: [xsl] Merging the attributes of a similar element
From: "Kalyan Kumar Mudumbai" <kalyan_tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 5 Jul 2002 09:33:47 -0000
Hi All,
I am merging two XML files which are almost similar in structure. While merging, suppose if I have an element with one attribute like
<Name first_name="Kalyan" last_name="Kumar"/> in one XML file and the same element
<Name middle_name="Kallu"/> in the second XML. Now after merging the two files, is it POSSIBLE for me to have the element look like this
<Name first_name="Kalyan" last_name="Kumar" middle_name="Kallu"/> (where the attributes are merged).

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