Re: [xsl] Design Issues in XSLT

Subject: Re: [xsl] Design Issues in XSLT
From: "James Fuller" <james.fuller@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:36:15 +0100
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From: "Emmanuel Oviosa" <Emmanuel.Oviosa@xxxxxxxxx>

> Is XSLT matured enough for the development of a multi-tier web application
> that will be used in many regions across the country by 100s of users?.
> Developing in XML, XSL, COM+, VB, SQL 2000, JavaScript, ASP.

XSLT is an ingredient to your solution, and I would now be prepared to say
if you have modelled your data properly that the top XSLT processors are up
for the job, not to mention that you have a serious client XSLT processing
environment within IE and Mozilla now.

> Does anyone know for sure that XML/XSLT approach would be faster, scalable
> and more maintainable than the ASP/ADO approach, is there any bench mark
> statistics?.

depends on your application, I suspect that you should review the approaches
as put forward by Cocoon and Axkit. I for one think that just a directory
tree of xml/xslt files are much simpler to maintain then their html
equivilents, but surely this is a simple example; and what you are proposing
is more complicated.

> Caching xsl templates into application variable seems to improve
> but is there any serious issues on the use of application variables like
> have in sessions and cookies?.

not sure what you mean, if you are talking about caching the results of an
xml/xslt transform into a global var, then reuse that transform via
variable. This is not an xslt question, there are many common things that
happen when trying to employ caching in any computing context, take a look
at the SAXON example servlet, I beleive that there is an example of caching
there, but I will presume that any time there is a change ( lets say you
inject an xsl:param ) that you would have to recompute if you are
changing things based on session or cookie data, then caching isnt for you
in this particular situation.

> Should I be calling my MTS VB components in the XSLT, do I even need ASP?.

there has been many debates re this point, XSLT presents a mixed processing
model  to the developer. I would say keep on using ASP and wait to move
across to some other XML vocabulary when and if it comes along and is
mature, at the moment use XSLT wherever it makes you happy.

> Is there any overhead in passing MSXML DOM object accross com boundaries,
> should I be passing xmldom.xml instead?

i would expect there to always be an overhead in this situation.

cheers, jim fuller

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