Re: [xsl] transforming lists

Subject: Re: [xsl] transforming lists
From: "sascha" <sascha@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:11:42 +0200
This is what i get from a Lotus Notes XML Export, sorry for that ;-)
i dont have any influence.

the "def" attribute is only the reference to the paragraph definition
<pardef>, where it says that (it should be like that)
<par>'s with the def=9 are list items and have a bullet shown... BUT not all
the listitems have their def=9 attribute, you see? That's why i am asking if
there is any way to reconstruct that?
Maybe it helps that the next following element is a <pardef id="10">?!

The output should be like

* ITEM 1 liste
* ITEM 2 liste
* ITEM 3 liste

you know? just like an HTML <ul><li>....but within my PDF Output.


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> Hi,
> Just call me stupid, but could you show what the output should be? I mean
what should the def attribute mean and translate to?

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