RE: [xsl] Generating XSL files Dynamically.

Subject: RE: [xsl] Generating XSL files Dynamically.
From: "Conal Tuohy" <conalt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 17:10:11 +1200
Hi Mukul

I've done this too, using the Apache Cocoon server: - a server application for processing XML
mainly using XSLT. I'm pretty sure that people are doing the same thing in
lots of different applications, since as others have pointed out, since XSLT
stylesheets are XML, you can process them with XSLT and other XML

Also, you can easily translate HTML documents into XHTML using JTidy, and
then transform this XHTML into XSLT stylesheets for processing other XML
documents. In this way, a graphic designer can do your page-layout in a
regular HTML editor, with a few extra custom attributes, and this can become
an XSLT stylesheet for processing a database query for instance.


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> Subject: [xsl] Generating XSL files Dynamically.
> Hi friends,
>       Is it possible to generate and manipulate the XSL
> dynamically using
> an external program for example a Java program.
> I want to explore the possibilities of generating and
> manipulating the XSL
> files as we do with XML files using JDOM or any other API.
> Thanks
> Mukul
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