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Subject: Re: RE: RE: [xsl] DOM and XML parser
From: "ashu t" <aashut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 17 Aug 2002 10:51:27 -0000
Thanks a lot to all of you
When i posted that question i had no idea that it will run so long.
It all started with my confusion about DOM,SAX,XSLT and with this long discussion i got really large amount of information about difference between "match" and "select" .To be very honest I really did not know about the difference or rather never thought in this way.
So it is clear now that XPATH and XSLT are inseparable sometimes we use subset sometimes full XPATH 1.0 but we use them definitely.
One thing I asked that who creates the tree like structure (even on conceptual level)XML Parser or XSLT Processor?
Any way it was really very informative.
Thanks once again to all of you

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002 Didier PH Martin wrote :
Hi Mike,

Mike said:
Well, sort of. The match attribute is not evaluated to produce a result.
It is just saying "this template can be used to process a node, if that
node matches this pattern". Not the same thing as saying "go get me a
that matches this pattern".

Didier replies:
As Jeni said, the match behaves like a boolean function and the select
behaves like node collection provider.

Anyway, thank to both of you Jeni and Mike, for the precision you
brought. I guess our colleague got the answer he asked for. Ashu, Where
the responses satisfactory?

Didier PH Martin

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