[xsl] unwanted white space in HTML

Subject: [xsl] unwanted white space in HTML
From: "Zakon, Stuart" <stuart_zakon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 08:35:48 -0400
I found some unwanted white space in my HTML output that I am not sure how 
to eliminate:

<td class="answer-count">
<a href="javascript:viewAnswer('cfw', 8)" class="navigate">
<img border="0" alt="Answer" src="forward-arrow.gif" />
       This question has 1 correct answer.

The white space appears before the words "This question...".

Here is the corresponding XSLT:

     <td class="answer-count">
     <xsl:variable name="author" select="/umltest/@author" />

     <!-- provide navigation to the corresponding question or answer -->
     <xsl:if test="$mode = 'questions'">
       <a class="navigate" href="javascript:viewAnswer('{$author}', 
         <img src="forward-arrow.gif"  alt="Answer"  border="0"/></a>
     <xsl:if test="$mode = 'answers'">
       <a class="navigate" href="javascript:viewQuestion('{$author}', 
         <img src="backward-arrow.gif"  alt="Question"  border="0"/></a>
       This question has <xsl:value-of select="@answer-count"/> correct 
answer<xsl:if test="@answer-count &gt; 1">s</xsl:if>.

As it is, I made the line beginning with "This question..." in the XSLT a 
longer line because when it was on multiple lines even more white space was 

How can I strip the extra white space seen above?

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Stuart Zakon
Objects by Design

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