Re: [xsl] Problem on: Cascading xslts on browsers

Subject: Re: [xsl] Problem on: Cascading xslts on browsers
From: alejandro david weil <aweil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 01:02:27 -0300
On Tue December 10 2002 06:36, Michael Kay wrote:
> > I'm playing with xml/xsls and browsers, and have an
> > xml, for example, data.xml, and two xsl, for example,
> > stage1.xsl and stage2.xsl. the idea is that, a processor,
> > reads data.xml it says that should be processed with
> > stage1.xsl, and the output (explicited from the output of
> > xsl, to be an xml) says that should be processed with
> > stage2.xsl (explicitly again).
> > 	data.xml -> stage1.xsl -> stage2.xsl
> >
> Take a look at the API documentation for your XSLT processor and learn
> how to control it from script in the HTML page. You can't do everything
> from the <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction.
Well, now, i didn't find that documentation, but i'll keep looking forthat..
I don't know what you mean by script in the html page.. could you tell

Mmh.. so, anyway, if the xslt engines don't have to do that,
i'm forced to use some kind of include mechanism, i think.. right?
or is it supposed that i dont ever try to do things like that!

Thanks for your answers!!!
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