RE: [xsl] namespace conflict

Subject: RE: [xsl] namespace conflict
From: sathish.kumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 15:14:01 +0530
Hi Julian,
This doesnt not getting the href value passed to the JScript. I
tried the following:

<xsl:template match="leaf">
  <img src="util/style/doc.gif"/>
  <xsl:attribute name="href" >
     javascript:OpenMyWindow('<xsl:value-of xmlns:xlink=""; select="@xlink:href"/>');

This is not fetching the value of the xlink:href attribute :-(

what am i suppose to do now?

Sathish Kumar
Accenture - Bangalore Delivery Centre
Phone: +91 080 5138 6024
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> Hi,
> my xml document contains a node
> <leaf application-version="" version="" font-library="" operation="new"
> modified-file="" checksum="1dec6fbce6dfeb989f1b6dc2e865f639"
> ="md5" keywords="" xlink:type="simple" xml:lang="en" xlink:href
> ="m2/24-nonclin-over/nonclinical-overview.pdf">
> To retrieve the value of the attribute "xlink:href" I need to use the
> space ' xmlns="";' The current

No, you don't.

> version namespace does not support this kind of attribute. How am  i
> to get the value of the attribute?

<xsl:value-of xmlns:xlink="";
select="leaf/@xlink:href" />

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