Re: [xsl] Block-Container within page margin

Subject: Re: [xsl] Block-Container within page margin
From: "Skwirel Software Ltd" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:45:11 -0000

I've done some messing around with this problem.  If I set the left position
of the block at beyond -0.6 and specify a background colour for the block,
the block renders with the background colour, but not with the image.

BTW, I have tried setting overflow to visible, but this seems to make no


Mark Williams

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Subject: [xsl] Block-Container within page margin

> Hi,
> We use block-containers within regions before to position images, various
> text blocks etc, no matter where these are to be positioned on the page.
> do this to give us control over which pages they are to appear on.  This
> works very well for us save for one annoyng problem.
> The left and top values of the block-container are relevant to the page
> margins.  Accordingly, if you want a block container (say a logo) inside
> margin you have to provide its left and top values as negatives.  This
> unless you specify a negative value of (approx) -0.6 or more.
> By way of example, say the margin left is 3cm and you want to position a
> block-container at 1cm from left of page, you would provide a value
> of -2cms, but this doe not work.  If you increased the left margin to 5
> and left the block-container's left position at -2cm it still won't work.
> This seems to have nothing to do with the printable area of the page.  Is
> there some sort of constraint on the positioning of block-containers?
> anyone know of a workaround please.
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