RE: [xsl] Calendar Generation using XSL

Subject: RE: [xsl] Calendar Generation using XSL
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 20:10:20 -0700
Hi Allison,

I have developed a dynamic CSS-generator that takes input from the
attributes of one XML element to determine the desired size in width and
height of a containing box(DIV), the number of columns desired, and then
calculates the number of rows needed based on the total number of child
"content" elements contained within this element(these child elements
contain the content for each resulting grid box). It then calculates the
size of each resulting grid box based on the columns, row, width, and
height contained in the parent element.  At the moment it is used to
dynamically generate radio and check box button groups along with there
associated labels.  Its uses extensive CSS positioning to give you
absolute control over the final result.  So, my guess is that this would
be ideal for the creation of a calendar layout. I would be more than
happy to share this information with you but would want to do it in a
manner to ensure you completely understand the methodology used behind
it. They're not hard concepts but the implementation relies heavily on
the aspects of functional based programming methodologies and extends
this into a realm similar to what Microsoft is doing with WAML.  So if
you are not used to these two methodologies then it may take some
getting used to.  The nice thing about this approach is that it has
built-in readiness and support for using web-services as your
communication/data-transfer layer.

Let me know of your interest and we can go from there...



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Subject: [xsl] Calendar Generation using XSL


I am a grad student at UC-Berkeley in the School of Information
Management &
Systems. I am working with a team of students on a final master's thesis
project to create a Campus-wide Event Calendar. Part of this project
will be
to use XSL to create a calendar (both block and list views) based on an
Event model we've created and encoded in an XML schema. Here is our (as
incomplete) website on the subject:

Although our event model will be more complicated than most that are out
there, but am wondering if someone has already taken a stab at writing
XSL to do this? Any resources you can point me to would be very welcome.
These are a few I've found so far:

Allison Bloodworth

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