Re: [xsl] 'apply-templates' on parameter of 'call-template'

Subject: Re: [xsl] 'apply-templates' on parameter of 'call-template'
From: Angus McIntyre <angus@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 11:47:13 -0400
At 11:26 -0400 10.04.2004, G. Ken Holman wrote:
You've made a mistake that many of my students do when they rush:

<xsl:template name="test">
<xsl:template name="matchable">

You want match= not name=

You know, I've been making that mistake on average twice a day for the past six months or so. So much for my theories about learning from experience.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Just for the record, this works flawlessly on Xalan-J, LibXSLT and Saxon (invoked through TestXSLT), although the time to compile the stylesheet on the first attempt is noticeably longer with Xalan-J and Saxon than with most other stylesheets I've tested. Sablotron, on the other hand, doesn't like it at all. A cursory trawl through the logs makes it look as if something in 'expat' is blowing up (this is under MacOS X 10.3.3). I guess this technique, while presumably legal, is not necessarily safe for applications that are agnostic about the exact XSLT processor in use. I get the feeling that while it's formally correct, it may be slightly 'bleeding edge' with respect to certain processor implementations.

Thanks again to all who responded,

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