[xsl] Re: EXSLT extension function

Subject: [xsl] Re: EXSLT extension function
From: Joseph Kesselman <keshlam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 11:00:50 -0400
>The cause appears to be that my filesystem has
>spaces in the names (d--n that
>Windows!) so the file isn't getting written out to c:\Documents and
>Settings\ etc. but to c:\Documents%20and%20Settings
>etc. -- I have a complete tree built up on my C drive with all of the
>spaces replaced with %20s.

Known problem, though I'm not sure it's in Xalan's Bugzilla tracking
system. If it isn't, reporting it there would be a good public service. I'm
not 100% sure whether this is something forced upon us by the XSLT spec or
if it really is a bug, but it should be either fixed or documented or both.

Meanwhile, the simplest workaround is to use Windows' DOS-compatable
short-names for the directories which contain spaces -- eg, C:\DOCUME~1.
One problem with this is that the exact mapping of shortnames can be
different on different systems, so it's not entirely reliable and may have
to be tweaked at installation on each system.

My usual response is to avoid directory names containing spaces whenever
possible. There are just too many different ways of handling the space
character, and I've seen other cases where they collide with each other.

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