[xsl] file_size_affecting_transformation??

Subject: [xsl] file_size_affecting_transformation??
From: Manpreet Singh <singhm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 16:29:33 +0530

  If you are talking about MS Excel, then the max number of records that can
be stored in a Ms excel file are little more that 60000. This could be a
reason that the processing stops. Please check.


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Subject: RE: [xsl] file_size_affecting_transformation??

Same Happening with me.
I am using XMl as Input File and Excel XML as output File using XSLT.I
am using Xalan.jar for transformation.It works for around 60000 records
and for large number of Records It doesn't give any Error and Transforms
only 60000 records (approx) to Excel XML.

Suman KUmar

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Subject: [xsl] file_size_affecting_transformation??


I am generating svg files from xml source files exported from oracle
using xslt and saxon processor.Is there a possibility that the source
file size affects the success of an xsl transformation.I mean the
transformation may appear to have been completeted succesfully whithout
any errors, but the generated output, svg in my case is not rendered
correctly when the source file is considerably large.To be more specific
when i try to transform a source xml file containing geometry of one
polygon, the generated svg is absolutely correct.But when i try to
transform a source xml file containing geometry of the same polygon
along with a lot of other polygons the generated svg is not correct.Does
anyone have any idea if the source file size can affect the processor
performance and degrade the result of a transformation??


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