Re: [xsl] grouping + global variable (?) (was re: regexs, grouping (?) and XSLT2?)

Subject: Re: [xsl] grouping + global variable (?) (was re: regexs, grouping (?) and XSLT2?)
From: Bruce D'Arcus <bdarcus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 16:56:19 -0400
On Aug 12, 2004, at 3:18 PM, Jeni Tennison wrote:

I think you need to use Mike's suggestion of building an intermediate
version of the bibliography. Use the grouping method to create copies
of the <mods> elements, adding a "year" attribute (or something) that
holds the appropriate year + suffix. Then, when generating the
bibliography or list of citations, you only need to pull in the value
of this 'year' attribute.

OK. I understand this conceptually, but I never understood how to create -- and to access -- this "intermediate version".

Mike's explanation was:

It may be simplest to start by generating a copy of the bibliography in which the list of authors (Doe and Jones) and the year/serial (1999b) appear as additional computed child elements or attributes, and then working with this copy.

Again, I understand this in the abstract; I just don't get the specifics behind the verbs "generating" and "working with" here.

How am I generating this "copy", in other words? Should I, for example, be using the new temporary tree functionality? Within the context of a variable? Something else?

I'm pulling my hair out trying to understand this :-)


PS - My denseness is no doubt a function of the fact that my day job has nothing at all to do with programming; thanks for the patience!

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