Re: [xsl] Colon Error in Processing-Instruction Name

Subject: Re: [xsl] Colon Error in Processing-Instruction Name
From: "Trevor Majic" <majic87@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:15:13 -0500
Thank you very much!!!! After adding &gt; it worked perfect! I can't thank you enough for your help!

To answer your questions....

What goes wrong if you just don't use the processing instruction?......

The PI somehow allows the webpage to interact with the LinkOne program. The LinkOne viewer uses the IE engine installed on the user's machine (IE6 for our company). When le-select is set to always (le-select="always"), a selection box is displayed on the left side of that field (when it is displayed in the LinkOne viewer).

An example would look similar to

[] Part Number 1     Description      Price
[] Part Number 2     Description      Price

The PI not only allows the selection box to appear, but when a user clicks on the selection box, the record is added to the shopping cart in the bottom of the LinkOne viewer.

Without the PI, the page displays in the LinkOne Viewer just as it does in Internet Explorer (without the selection box), and the items can't be selected.

I don't know how including the IS10744 PI causes this to work (I'd like to find out, and build a local file for it, if possible, or to be able to bypass it altogether).

Ideally you need to update the application that is expecting that PI and
modify it to accept something that is conformant with the namespace spec......

The LinkOne program is a vendor supplied application, so unfortunately, I won't be able to modify it.

Do you really have an XML processor that requires these Processing
instructions in XML as opposed to HTML files?....

Keeping in mind that I'm still new to this, .....being able to use XML/XSL instead of HTML/CSS seems it will generate greater possibilites. I can now create a query in CorVu (our querying application), and export it directly to an XML extension (I can include the XML declarations in the query output). Although I can do that for HTML, I can create one query and create multiple reports with the use of XSL (I think I can pass a parameter from the XML the user opens to the XSL (or select the title element from the XML), which will then import the stylesheet for the selected department (or select the nodes for that user's department), or maybe just test the XML title element to determine the template match). Also, From what I have read, it would appear that I should be able to use XQuery to retrieve the data automatically from the data source, instead of having to run a query and export the data (but this will be something for the near future).

I hope I made the correct decision in selecting XML/XSL over HTML/CSS?

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