Re: [xsl] misc. confusion on "footnote" handling

Subject: Re: [xsl] misc. confusion on "footnote" handling
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 15:02:32 -0400

At 01:09 PM 8/26/2004, you wrote:
The configuration file would be an xml file with this root element:

<citationstyle class="author-year">

I suppose there could be some other non-xsl programming magic to choose the right stylesheet if the benefits of the approach are so large that it more than offsets the loss of ease-of-use, but I really do like the idea of users just being able to do this:

java net.sf.saxon.Transform -o test.xhtml test.xml ../dbng.xsl citation-style=aag

.... where dbng.xsl is just importing the single stylesheet.

I guess I just don't see why this is easier or nicer than

java net.sf.saxon.Transform -o test.xhtml test.xml ../dbng-aag.xsl

... or than wrapping the whole thing into a shell script or batch file or whatever to do the delegation.

Yet on the other hand, if you're determined a run-time parameter is what's called for, Mike has just suggested that some XSLT 2.0 processors, at least, will be able to do an xsl:import conditionally.


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