RE: [xsl] Sorting parent and child as one

Subject: RE: [xsl] Sorting parent and child as one
From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:27:56 +0100
I don't understand, you're not making yourself clear.

If the input is

<CAT TXT="A"><LI TXT="Z"/></CAT>
<CAT TXT="B"><LI TXT="Y"/></CAT>
<CAT TXT="A"><LI TXT="M"/></CAT>

then how would you like it to be sorted?

Michael Kay

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> Subject: [xsl] Sorting parent and child as one
> I have a document with parent (CAT) and child (LI) nodes, 
> each with a TXT attribute.  When these attributes get 
> compiled for output, they need to be sorted.  When they get 
> sorted, the parent/child association needs to be ignored.  
> Currently, they are either sorting by one or the other 
> make the full list work, it needs to treat them as 
> one and the same.  How can I treat the parent/child TXT 
> attributes of the following XML as the same, or somehow 
> ignore the relationship, for sorting?
> <DMML>
>  <LST>
>   <GRP TXT="Automobile Codes" VTY="\X">
>    <CAT COD="AAAA" TXT="American Motors (Rambler prior to 1966)">
>     <LI COD="MMM" TXT="American Motors Medallion (thru 1987)"/>
>    </CAT>
>    <CAT COD="XXXX" TXT="American Motors JEEP (use truck code)">
>     <LI COD="XXXX" TXT="Buick Opel (Imports)"/>
>    </CAT>
>    <CAT COD="BBBB" TXT="Amphicar"/>
>    <CAT COD="CCCC" TXT="Certificate of Origin or Title (for 
> use when make is not listed or when certificate is blank)"/>
>   </GRP>
>  </LST>
> </DMML>

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