RE: [xsl] FW: problem integrating xsl iteration

Subject: RE: [xsl] FW: problem integrating xsl iteration
From: "Mac Rost" <mac.rost@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:56:33 -0500
Works like a charm! Thanks!

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From: David Carlisle [mailto:davidc@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Re: [xsl] FW: problem integrating xsl iteration

Your question wasn't very clear but i think you want to go from



<a href="page1.html">1</a>
<a href="page37.html">37</a>

which would be something like

<xsl:template match="TotalPages">
 <xsl:param name="x" select="."/>
 <xsl:if test="$x != 1">
 <xsl:apply-templates select="."/>
  <xsl:with-param name="x" select="$x - 1"/>
 <a href="page{$x}.html"><xsl:value-of select="$x"/></a>


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