RE: [xsl] Microsoft .net and XSLT 2

Subject: RE: [xsl] Microsoft .net and XSLT 2
From: Pieter Reint Siegers Kort <pieter.siegers@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:37:48 -0600
OK, thanx for the information Oleg - there's no problem - it will only make
our efforts to bring XQuery 1.0 support to .NET developers, apart from great
XSLT/XPath 2.0 support, even greater - all thanx to the main efforts of
Michael Kay and his excellent product Saxon-B 8.2.


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Subject: Re: [xsl] Microsoft .net and XSLT 2

Pieter Reint Siegers Kort wrote:

> I'm working with the 2.0 beta of .NET and it has XQuery 1.0 support - 
> you are saying that it will not be supported? That sounds rather 
> strange to me - please explain.

Yes, .NET 2.0 Beta1 contains XQuery implementation. But then Microsoft
decided to cut it. See the reasons at

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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