[xsl] Need help in... Javascript

Subject: [xsl] Need help in... Javascript
From: <michella@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 16:37:21 +0200
Hi all,

sorry to post my problem in this forum, but after xsl-ing a while, I got
through a little problem while inserting Javascript into my xsl
generated html page, and I'm stuck there since two days already!

function rescaleCoord(x,img,wantedSize) {
	diagramPre = new Image();
	diagramPre.src = img;
	var imageSize = diagramPre.width;
	var scale=(wantedSize * 100) / imageSize;
	return Math.round(x * (scale / 100));

This function works well.

Now, I need to have my AREA MAP COORDS' Attribute get the results of my
Javascript function.

Example : ...

It doesn't work properly...

Thanks for your help

Lawrence Michel

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