[xsl] Problem with empty spaces

Subject: [xsl] Problem with empty spaces
From: "Lakshmi narayana" <lchintala@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:48:05 +0500
Hi List,

In my XSLT, I converted some of the child nodes vales as attributes to the
parent. In the resultant XML file, I am getting empty spaces in place
of child nodes which are not added. How can I eliminate the white space.
for eg:
input xml looks like this:
	<ch name="ch1" value="1"/>
	<ch name="ch2" value="2"/>
	<ch name="ch3" value="3"/>
		<ch name="ch4" value="4"/>
		<ch name="ch5" value="5"/>

Output XML looks like this:
<A ch1="1" ch2="2" ch3="3">

	<B ch4="4" ch5="5" />

Laxmi Narayana

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