RE: [xsl] include, import trouble

Subject: RE: [xsl] include, import trouble
From: Florent Georges <darkman_spam@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 22:24:26 +0100 (CET)
target wrote:

> I have a "xml1" datafile defined by a "schema1" an a
> "stylesheet1" to display it as HTML. this works all
> fine and is valid.

> <xsl:stylesheet
>    xmlns:xsl="";
>    xmlns:xsi="schema1.xsd" exclude-result-prefixes="xsi"
>    version="1.0">

  Don't forget XSLT 1.0 know nothing about schemas, and what you do
with "schema1.xsd" above is declaring a namespace prefix "xsi" bound to
the URI "schema1.xsd".

  Depending on the namespaces used in your source tree, the output may
be or not what you expected.



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