RE: [xsl] filtering elements by single xpath

Subject: RE: [xsl] filtering elements by single xpath
From: "Tomas Kolaci" <kolaci@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 17:59:14 +0200
> > I'm trying to fill variable filtered-items with elements item with
> "allowed"
> > name (= there is an element /root/item-filter/allow-items with attribute
> > @with-name containing same value as item's @name)*, but I don't know how
> to
> > reach current item on ??? position in my select (function current()
> points
> > to current body element).
> use current()/item-filter/allow-items/@with-name

 Thanks andrew, but I don't know how I could use it (plus I think you have
missed that item-filter is not child of body but it's brother), could you
please write complete select for me?

> alternatively create a key
> <xsl:key name="allowed-items" match="allow-items" use="@with-name"/>
> and then check if the node exists in the key with that value
> select="item[key('allowed-items', @name)]"

 Great, this works, thanks!

 But xsl:key must be top-element, what if I had following structure:

      <item pos="1" name="n1"/>
      <item pos="2" name="n2"/>
      <item pos="3" name="n2"/>
      <item pos="4" name="n3"/>
      <item pos="5" name="n4"/>
         <allow-items with-name="n2"/>
         <allow-items with-name="n4"/>
      <item pos="1" name="n2"/>
      <item pos="2" name="n3"/>
      <item pos="3" name="n5"/>
         <allow-items with-name="n3"/>

and wanted to filter items of each body element by it's own item-filter?

> cheers
> andrew

 Br, Tomas

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