Re: [xsl] multiple source files map to multiple target files

Subject: Re: [xsl] multiple source files map to multiple target files
From: "Jon Gorman" <jonathan.gorman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 12:47:23 -0500
On 4/6/06, Gosselin, Michael <Michael.Gosselin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Evan et al,
> I am having a problem with document() as well.

I really don't see how your problem fits in with this thread though.
Typically it's better form to start a new thread if you have a
different problem.

> <file>
>    <first>the first element</first>
>    <second>the second element</second>
>    <third>the third element</third>
> </file>
> How do I call the document() function to get the individual nodes out of
> file "file.xml" to be used by FOP in "current.xsl"?

document("file.xml")/file/first or document("file.xml")/file or the like.

> I tried a merge, but it basically gave me all of both files, then formatted
> according to the "current.xsl".

I have no idea what you're talking about.  How did you try a "merge"?

> Do I need to create a second style sheet to
> use with xsl:apply-templates?

Not unless you're doing something weird.

> The information I found on the document()
> function wasn't extensive.

Where did you look?  The specs have an example or two.  Not all of
them are in the document section, some are given close to it if I
recall correctly.  The FAQ has an entire section:  Googling document()
xslt turned up several pages.  Not to necessarily say that any of
these resources are extensive, but they should all answer basic
questions like referring to an element within an external document.

 Jon Gorman

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