[xsl] XSLTers' whereabouts

Subject: [xsl] XSLTers' whereabouts
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 17:20:41 -0400
M. David,

As long as we're trading social calendars on the
list ... I'll try to stay XSL-on-topic --

At 06:14 AM 6/5/2006, Ken wrote:
Washington DC in June, Minneapolis in July and
Denmark in October.  I'm also delivering a
modeling lecture in Raleigh in July at the
Tri-XML conference, and a full-day UBL hands-on
course in Montrial in August at the Extreme
Markup conference and in Denmark both at the end of September and

I'll also be at TriXML (where I believe Ken is
also giving a keynote, though he's too modest to
say); I'm giving two talks of general interest
(not specifically XSL-related), one a beginners'
intro to XML concepts and terminology, the other
on schemas and schema languages (though not on
how actually to design document models, which as
he says Ken is covering at a later point).

*And* we'll both be at Extreme, where Debbie
Lapeyre and I are giving a tutorial on XPath 2.0
(sequeing to Norm Walsh on XSLT 2.0).

There are rumors of other XML/XSL luminaries (not
lunatics) at Extreme this year also, but I won't
give them away them here on the list.

In short, Montreal is the place to be in August,
and if you can't make that, Raleigh in July ain't half bad.

http://www.extrememarkup.com/extreme/ (Montreal, August 7-11)

http://www.trixml.org/confindex.shtml (Raleigh NC, July 27-29)

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