RE: [xsl] <saxon-error-element/>

Subject: RE: [xsl] <saxon-error-element/>
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:41:24 +0100
Please submit your problem to the saxon-help mailing list or forum at

Include your stylesheet and source document: I'm not going to trawl through
mailing list archives to find them! It's also sometimes necessary to know
how the transformation was invoked.

I haven't seen <saxon-error-element> appear in visible output before. It's
used as a substitute name when you call xsl:element with an invalid QName as
the element name, but only after generating an error message which should
ensure that the compiled stylesheet is not generated.

It's worth checking the change log when you move to a new Saxon release.
There are often small changes that you need to be aware of, for example
changing namespaces in response to new versions of the W3C specifications.

Michael Kay

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> From: Merico Raffaele [mailto:raffaele.merico@xxxxxxx] 
> Sent: 20 June 2006 08:40
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> Subject: [xsl] <saxon-error-element/>
> Dear Michael Kay
> I tried to run XSLTg (an XSLT script, Mail on this list from 
> January, 12th
> 2006) with SaxonB-8.7.3. Until today I used XSLTg with 
> SaxonB-8.6 and lower, and it worked perfectly :-)
> Now, the execution of XSLTg with SaxonB-8.7.3 produces a lot 
> of <saxon-error-element/> in the generated XSLT script. I 
> tried to find out what causes them but I could not find it 
> out. Any help would be much appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance
> Raffaele

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