[xsl] Preventing second click

Subject: [xsl] Preventing second click
From: "Oleg Konovalov" <olegkon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 23:43:34 -0400

I have a web XSLT application which is (among other things) doing
large SQL Insert's,
so sometimes it takes a while, user becomes impatient and clicks again
(or just does double-click), and the same data is getting inserted
again creating duplicate rows.

I was thinking of some simple solution in Javascript,
something like:
<input name=myBtn onclick="this.disable=true;" />
<body onload="if (document.myBtn.disabled) document.myBtn.disabled=false;" />

Do you think that might work ?
(that input is not a Submit button, the page actually reloads
when any DB transaction is done)

The complication is that the <body> and <input> are in different XSL files,
i.e. if the button is in the "grandchild" of the <body> form (child
xsl:include's the parent which includes a grandparent containg the
Do they really share a "document" ?
Doesn't seem to work for me.

Or is there a nicer solution ?

Please advise. Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
P.S.: Actually, it's a Cocoon/XSLT application with Actions written in Java,
but I didn't want to go into that, hoping for a simple non-Java
solution [without multi-threading and other potential troubles].

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