[xsl] Evaluating a return value or throwing an exception

Subject: [xsl] Evaluating a return value or throwing an exception
From: didis5@xxxxxx
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 10:33:24 +0200
Sorry, I posted the question below from another account and I don't know if it will be read cause I registered this email address. So this is a copy of my former email.

I want to cancle an xslt-Transformation, if a condition is fulfilled. This condition I can evaluate at runtime, when executing the xsl-script.
With xsl:message I can rise a message, but I want to evaluate the response in the java code, cause the result of the transformation is not important, if the condition is not fulfilled.

So I need a return value or an exception, so that I can see outside of the transformation, that it was canceled.

Is there a possibility to set a parameter in the script, which can be accessed from outside or is there a possibility to throw an exception in the script?

Im using Java, Xalan-J-2.7.0


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