[xsl] Ant xslt Approach Question

Subject: [xsl] Ant xslt Approach Question
From: "Z W" <mpc8250@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 19:23:22 -0700
Hi Gurus

I have multiple jtl files to process.
Each jtl resides in a different directory
ci.jtl in \\foo\lg\CI\040420082220
ci.jtl in \\foo\lg\CI\040320082220
om.jtl in \\foo\lg\OA\040320082220
om.jtl in \\foo\lg\OA\040420082220

I like to process them with <xslt> Ant task and put them in a single html file.
>From reading xslt task man page, my impression is that I can only
send in 1 jtl file.

Could anyone suggest a good approach to this problem to reach my goal ?

Advance thanks

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