Re: [xsl] Free XML Editor?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Free XML Editor?
From: Vyacheslav Sedov <vyacheslav.sedov@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 20:46:05 +0300
I remember that i bought first academic license of Oxygen in 2004.
Look like it is not very expensive ($48 - like pair of jeans).

At least you always can try yo evaluate Oxygen about month for free.

With best wishes,

P.S. I can donate $48 for Academic License of Oxygen to one of your students.

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 8:00 PM, Robert Raleigh <rraleigh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> XMLMind is quite nice.
> Robert
> Lou Iorio wrote:
>> I am an Oxygen user, but I've had pretty good luck with JEdit. It has
pretty good plugin
>> support for XML, XPATH, and XQUERY.
>> Unlike the Windows-only applications previously mentioned, JEdit is a Java
app, so
>> it will run on all major platforms.
>> On Feb 5, 2009, at 10:43 AM, Scott Trenda wrote:
>>> I use Notepad++ for pretty much all of my text editing too. I agree with
the comments below regarding loading time and usability. But if your students
are working with complicated XML dialects (XSLT/XSD/WSDL/etc.) often, I'd
really recommend them just to get the academic version of oXygenXML. It's $49,
last I checked, and has the full feature set of the Enterprise version.
>>> ~ Scott
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>>> From: Manuel Souto Pico [mailto:manuel.souto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>>> Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 8:17 AM
>>> To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Subject: Re: [xsl] Free XML Editor?
>>> Hi,
>>> I use Notepad++ quite often and the only big limitation that it has for me
is that it doesn't allow you to combine, in the same single search, what it
calls extended characters (\n, \t, \r, etc.) and the rest of normal regex.
>>> Cheers, Manuel
>>> Darcy Parker escribis:
>>>> My favourite editor is Notepad++.  It loads quickly, has a small
>>>> memory foot print, and is easily customizable.
>>>> It's not as powerful as Oxygen etc... but for learning XSLT I think it
>>>> is a good editor because it forces you to type things out.
>>>> It has an XML plug in tool that has many nice features.  (You need to
>>>> download the and put those files in a folder that is in
>>>> your %PATH% environment variable.  Then as with other plugins, you
>>>> need to add the XMLTools.dll to the plugin folder.)
>>>> (I believe Eclipse has some free plugins with XML editing support and
>>>> some support for generating xsd schemas.  But I tend to use notepad++
>>>> for all of my editing needs.)
>>>> Microsoft's XMLNotepad 2007 is also interesting... but I still prefer
>>>> Darcy
>>>> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 6:39 AM, Jesper Tverskov <jesper@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>> Hi list
>>>>> I use XMLSpy, Oxygen and Stylus Studio all the time but my students
>>>>> sometimes ask me if I can recommend an all free XML Editor to use at
>>>>> home or if their company can't be persuaded to invest in one.
>>>>> I'm looking for a dedicated XML editor like the ones mentioned, good
>>>>> at making xsd-schemas and XSLT but all free not just for an evaluation
>>>>> period?
>>>>> It is easy to google and start downloading, but too often the
>>>>> downloads are less serious than I can accept, they can only do dtd or
>>>>> they are only free for a period, etc.
>>>>> So some hints in the right direction woud be appreciated to save me a
>>>>> lot of time.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Jesper Tverskov
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