[xsl] variable ending with ^@

Subject: [xsl] variable ending with ^@
From: himanshu padmanabhi <himanshu.padmanabhi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 18:55:56 +0530
Code flow

"abc.cgi"  has $in{'idx'}.

abc.cgi->abc.cgi on form .submit->abc.xsl on form submit->xyz.cgi

"abc.xsl" passes value to next form like "<input value="{$idx}"
type="hidden" name="idx"></input>" as suggested here.

I am getting value of $in{'idx'} in final abc.cgi in above cycle.But
getting its value as "idx=14^@".

what is this "^@".I tried with chomp,chop.It still remains.

Himanshu Padmanabhi

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