Re: [xsl] Create Table

Subject: Re: [xsl] Create Table
From: "Eric J. Bowman" <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:41:40 -0600
bernie bonn wrote:
> Eric, as always thanks for your help.  I really appreciate it.  I
> wish your assumption was true, unfortunatley it isn't, the
> @field='file' is not a mandatory field .  I wonder if a bunch of
> 'ors' would work?  Anyway, I'll have to dig deeper or attack this
> problem at the source, the export of the XML, (I have been told we
> have no control over it. ) 

I have to say I like Wolfgang's solution.  I'm working on this anyway,
as it's my belief that any time the output is (X)HTML, it's good to have
an XSLT 1 solution (if possible) for browser-based execution.  So far,
I have this Xpath expression:

//data[@section='changes' and preceding-sibling::data[@section='diff'][1]]

I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but it does spit out the nodes
of interest from the source file.  BTW, since the filename field may be
missing, it kills the notion of using the Basic <table> algorithm, so my
next example goes back to using @scope to avoid having any empty <th>


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