[xsl] calendar generation

Subject: [xsl] calendar generation
From: James Cummings <james+xsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 16:35:12 +0100
Hi there,

I'm sure I'm treading over well-trodden ground, but my glance through
the FAQ and googling doesn't turn up an easy XSLT2-based solution.

What I want to do is for any given year (well, they will be between
1788 and 1837 in this case) generate a tabular calendar of months and
days, with some of the days predictably being links to a resource for
that date.  (Type: cal 1788  in any linux system to get an idea of
what I mean.)   I have a list of what years/days/months the resource
has content for in a format like:

<year xml:id="g1789">
    <month xml:id="g1789-01">
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-01"/>
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-02"/>
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-03"/>
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-04"/>
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-05"/>
       <day xml:id="g1789-01-06"/>

And I know I can lookup these ids to test whether there is a
corresponding link in the resource.  That isn't really the problem.
What I want to know is whether someone has already done the code to
generate a year-view calendar in some sensible manner so I don't have
to figure out the date calculation of any individual date? Obviously
the intent of this is that it will be used for navigation on a
date-oriented historical resource.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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