Re: [xsl] question on paths

Subject: Re: [xsl] question on paths
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 00:07:59 +0100
On 26/05/2010 23:54, Monosij Dutta-Roy wrote:
Ok will try again. Appreciate all your responses before.

I am writing this function:
<xsl:function name="fnc:getPatientRolePath">
     <xsl:param name="Version"/>
         <xsl:when test="$Version = '3.0'">
             <xsl: select="/n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"/>

As Michael said this isn't well formed, i assumed you meant xsl:value-of here but then, as I tried to explain last time you can not evaluate any xpaths in a function unless you pass in a node as a parameter, or otherwise make a node the current item.

I am writing this function so as to create a variable patientRolePath
to hold the value: /n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole.

that isn't a value, it's a fragment of syntax.
What do you want to hold, the value obtained by evaluating that path at the current location, or the string " /n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"

This is because then I can use the variable name patientRolePath and
append child nodes and get required values such as:


If you have evaluated /n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole then
$patientRolePath will hold a sequence of n1:patientRole nodes and then these expressions would select the children of those nodes.

However this that function I can't seem to write it to return with the path. <xsl: select="/n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"/> is not valid HOWEVER <xsl:variable name="patientRole" select="/n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"/> written as a statement is valid. But does not return me anything. OR <xsl:value-of select="/n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"/> is valid, but don't need the value of - just need the path. --------------- Hope that explains it better?

this appears to be identical to your first question, you can not evaluate / in a function body you need
<xsl:sequence selct="root($x)/n1:Document/n1:recordTarget/n1:patientRole"/>

where $x is a parameter to your function, and when you call the function you need to pass in a node.
I have written a few other functions so seem to be able to write functions.
Maybe it needs to be done with a node test?
Also just bought Michael Kay's book so looking forward to it as soon
as it reaches here from Amazon.

Also does XSLT have 'out' parameters? Or functions only way to achieve this?
as with most declarative languages, a variable can not change its value once it is bound, so an "out" parameter that rebinds a variable with a new value would not make sense in this context.


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