[xsl] Re: XPath related query

Subject: [xsl] Re: XPath related query
From: Vineet Chaoji <vineetc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 00:27:28 +0530
Thank you all for your replies. My apologies for the confusion -- a,
c1, c2, s and f are variables (and not literals) that would match some
node in the XML tree. 'a' is a range variable to facilitate joins, as
Michael correctly pointed out. I was using them thinking that the
explanation would be easier (but I made it more confusing).

Brandon, you are absolutely right! I was avoiding bringing RDF into
this forum, but here is the prime reason for asking my initial
question to the list. We have a new algorithm for answering regular
path queries on RDF graphs. Given a start node, an end node in an RDF
graph, a regular path query takes a regular expression in terms of the
edge labels and checks if there is a path satisfied by the regex
between the two nodes. For the sake of comparison (required in order
to publish the work), we thought we could transform the RDF to XML and
use XPath to formulate our regex.

As you correctly pointed out, RDF graphs can be encoded differently.
We dont know a good way around it right now that would transform our
regex query into a nice XPath expression.

Thanks once again.


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