[stella] Makewav for Linux

Subject: [stella] Makewav for Linux
From: Greg Troutman <mor@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 06:42:35 -0800
I had to make a slight mod to the source to get it to compile.  I
haven't tried any real SC images, but with 2k/4k files, it has worked
%100 for me (including the fastload option) with a simple "cat
file.wav>/dev/dsp" using a generic SB clone.  I've also gotten DASM and
Distella compiled and working well.  Though the version of DASM I have
is a little older/different than the one supplied at Bob's page, so I
modified the Distella source: change "=" to "equ" and ".byte" to
"dc.b"...  Is anyone else using Linux?


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