Re: [stella] Grid demo

Subject: Re: [stella] Grid demo
From: John Saeger <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 00:29:10 -0800

Erik Mooney wrote:
> >I'm not quite sure, if I understand your theory corectly. Are you
> >trying to say, that if you hit RESP0 and then hit it again 11 cycles
> >later, what you'll get is two copies for each hit to RESP0 and
> >not one copy for the first hit and three copies for the second?
> >
> >If that is the case, then I think you are wrong. If you do
> >sta RESP0
> >sta RESP1
> >sta RESP0
> >sta RESP1
> >the second hit to RESPx happens after the first pixel of the second
> >copy of a three sprite set. The output will be three sprites
> >positioned five pixel after the second hit to RESPx. That would
> >not be the case, if the first copy belonged to the first hit to
> >RESPx.
> Not quite.  I tried what you just said - RESP0/RESP1/RESP0/RESP1.  The
> first RESP0 occurred on cycles 25, 26, and 27.  I get Player 0 sprites at
> pixels (counting from 0) 34, 52, 68, and player 1 sprites at pixels 43, 61,
> 77.  I'm dead sure about those numbers.  Note the 18-pixel gaps between the
> first two copies of each player.

When I do the experiment I see player 0 sprites at *36*, 52, 68.  Player
1 at *45*, 61, 77.  Two perfect triples.  From the second RESPx.  Is
your TIA really different?  That would be cool.  Mine does unstable
sprites sometimes.  I think I've got the only one that does that. :-)


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