Re: [stella] Java Stella anyone?

Subject: Re: [stella] Java Stella anyone?
From: Lord Spambraticus of Borg <lord-of-hell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 07:23:01 +1000
On Sat, 14 Nov 1998 09:45:34 -0500 rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Ruffin Bailey) wrote:

>Was wondering if there are any plans to port PCAE or Stella to Java?  I
>think the computers' processors' speed has come far enough along now from
>the sys reqs for the emulators that at least the speed hurdle isn't a
>factor anymore.

Disgusting!  1000 deaths are not enough for Ruffie. :)  Does anyone actually
ever use Java for anything real?  I've yet to see something fast enough or
compelling enough to put up with these piggy JVMs.

>Just an idea...  We're going towards Java here at work, and though I'm no
>expert yet I was thinking in the coming year maybe I could help move some
>emu to the VM.  And heck, it's almost 1999 and I don't think anyone's used
>the word "Java" on the list.  ;-)  Progress, men, progress!  (Which makes
>me wonder, _are_ there any women on the list?)

Ha!  Only we men are so crazed and anti-social enough to be absorbed in
something like early 1980s video game hardware. heheheh :)


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