[stella] Okay, newbie here. . .

Subject: [stella] Okay, newbie here. . .
From: "Murphree, Mark " <Mark.Murphree@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 19:53:57 -0500
Hi guys!
??? I just discovered Stella programming a couple of weeks ago.? My
imagination was sparked because I've owned an Atari 2600 since I was . .
. about 6, I think.? I've always wanted to write games for it.? Anyway,
I've downloaded DASM, compiled "How to draw a playfield," etc. and I
feel pretty good about my learning curve.? I'm picking up on this
"assembly" thing a lot faster than I did C++.? I have a few questions,
??? 1.? What does the line "org $F000" do?? It's one of the few lines
that aren't commented.
??? 2.? What's the difference between a "register" and an "address?"
??? 3.? In Nick Bensema's "How to draw a playfield," under "Vertical
Blank," it mentions machine cycles and includes the equation
37*76=2888.? Now, my calculator says 2812 every time I punch it in.? Was
this just a typo, or am I missing something?
Thanks, and I appreciate the support you all are giving all of us
hobbyist coders (I'm actually a college English major -- how's that for
a combination?)
Mark Murphree
Asbury College

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