[stella] technical diagrams/voiceover for documentary

Subject: [stella] technical diagrams/voiceover for documentary
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 20:12:23 -0700
I am going to be creating some animated diagrams for Stella at 20 (I'll
have to change that title of course by CGExpo 99) and I need to find a few
people from Stellalist who can help me with the voiceover script and how to
best translate that voiceover into said diagrams.  It's something I've been
planning to do for ages, and now that the release date is approaching, I
need to tackle it head on, hopefully with the help of StellaList.

I'd like to show, visually, how the TIA chip works, how the sound
generators work, and how particular kernels run, like Dragster, Space
Invaders, Combat, Air-Sea Battle, Dragonfire, and Suicide Mission.

The interviews I conducted did go into some detail, but are not necessarily
studio-quality tutorials, so to speak.  In other cases, the programmers
either did not remember just how it was done, or couldn't put it into
words.  So there is a need for a clear and concise voiceover style
graphical tutorial.

I am going to be working partly with Joe Decuir for this, but he's busy
working at Microsoft so I don't know how much he can get into it, and he
isn't as much of an expert on the software end as some of you guys.

So if you'd like to assist, please let me know.  This is the real
nuts-and-bolts portion of the documentary as far as its technical bent.
The rest is more human-interest-related.


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