Re: [stella] Miss Piggy's Wedding

Subject: Re: [stella] Miss Piggy's Wedding
From: jeffgamer@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Jeff Rothkopf)
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 16:31:50 -0500
Back on 7/19, Glenn wrote:

>There seems to be something wrong with my EPROM programmer.  I know the
>game runs in the board, but the attempt to read these EPROMs failed.  The
>resulting assembly is not a working kernel.  I can't explain why.  If
>anyone has a convenient way to read in an 8K cartridge (this one has 2 4K
>ROMs) please contact me immediately so we can get whatever hardware it
>takes to Will before he auctions or trades it off.

Hi...!  I never saw anything posted to the group about the result of the
above.  Glenn, did you find someone who was able to help you out?  Is Miss
Piggy's Wedding going to make it into the hands of the masses?

>FYI, the Save Mary thing at CG Expo ain't gonna happen.  Hasbro seems
>incapable of doing small projects like these because they waste money in
>overhead to have high-priced lawyers draft the agreements.
>Also, along the same lines, Wizard and Polo probably won't make it on our
>CD at the expo for similar reasons.
>However, I do still definitely need the Save Mary ROM image and board
>design for the documentary!  Final editing begins tomorrow and ends around
>the first of August.

And did the Save Mary ROM make it to you?  Any change in the idea of Save
Mary being released to the public?  (always worth asking...!)



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