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Subject: RE: [stella] CG Expo: Cyberpunks products
From: Chad Hendrickson <HendricksonC@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:43:25 -0500
Will these products be available for us sad folks who can not make it to
CGE?  If so, when?  And is it the same price?

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Subject: [stella] CG Expo: Cyberpunks products

Cyberpunks Entertainment is proud to present two new products for classic
videogame fans!  They will be premiered at the Classic Gaming Expo

Stella Gets A New Brain 2

That's right, we're finally re-releasing the much-talked-about Starpath
game collection on CD.  It features the complete collection of Starpath
games as audio loads to be played on your Supercharger cartridge and Atari
2600 game system (in fact, this time it's even more complete, including PAL
Survival Island and the PAL Party Mix preview).  And there are scans of all
the boxes and tape covers we could get our hands on (including a European
Sword of Saros cover).

But that's not all!  Also included:

- Scans of Atari's internal publication, St. Pong

- Scans of Atari's Coin Connection newsletters

- Scans of promo sheets for old arcade games

- Scans of the original TIA chip plot

- Scans of engineering notes from Larry Wagner

- Photos of Joe Decuir's original Stella bicycle that "Stella" was named

- Fonts similar to the Atari cartridge font

- The archives of StellaList, the 2600 programmers mailing list

- New development tools courtesy of Bob Colbert, in addition to Jim
Nitchal's tools from the original CD

- Source code for Bob Colbert's StellaSketch

- Bob Colbert's Okie Dokie

- Piero Cavina's Mondo Pong

- Piero Cavina's Oystron, as well as an unfinished version of Oystron X

- Greg Troutman & Piero Cavina's INV (an attempt to make Space Invaders
with more invaders than Atari's version)

- Greg Troutman's This Planet Sucks

- Ed Federmeyer's SoundX sound utility

- An internal Imagic sound utility

- Splitsville's song "Atari 2600" and scans of their CD

- Images from the upcoming Stella at 20 documentary (what's that? keep

Stella at 20

Have you ever wondered what the original Atari programmers would have to
say about their games if they sat down in a room to talk about it?  Well,
wonder no more.  Nolan Bushnell opened up his mansion to the Cyberpunks and
a group of 2600 programmers, and we recorded it for posterity.

Stella at 20 is a multi-volume documentary about what it was like to
program games for the 2600, as well as some of the design considerations
given the hardware itself, featuring many of the programmers and engineers
whose games you grew up with:

- Nolan Bushnell
- David Crane
- Carol Shaw
- Tod Frye
- Rick Maurer
- Alan Miller
- Doug Neubauer

Volume 1: A Celebration
Volume 2: One Person, One Game

Volume 2 will be available at CG Expo, and Volume 1 will be available
"soon".  With luck, there will be Volumes 3 and 4 before we're done.


Stella Gets a New Brain Version 2 (with booklet)                 $30
Stella At 20 Vol. 2 (VHS/90 minutes, w/high quality box cover)   $30
Both for $50 (cash, check, or money order -- sorry, no credit cards)

Anyone who buys Stella At 20 Volume 2 at the CG Expo will be eligible for a
$5 discount on Volume 1 when it is released.  Those who buy both Stella At
20 Volume 2 and Stella Gets A New Brain Version 2 will get a $10 discount
on Volume 1.

Those who buy both also get a raffle ticket to win a large (approximately
4' x 4') photocopy of Joe Decuir's TIA chip mask.  Three of these will be
raffled off on Sunday afternoon.

Wholesale volume pricing options for Stella At 20 and Stella Gets A New
Brain are available upon request.

CG Expo

Besides showing off and selling the above, Cyberpunks will have a PC
demoing the ActiveStella 2600 emulator running Save Mary, and will have
Polo, Wizard, Kamikaze Saucers and the Starpath games running on a 2600
with an AV modification by Chris Wilkson.

Cyberpunks Entertainment
- Glenn Saunders
- Russ Perry Jr
- Dan Skelton
- Brad Mott

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