Re: [[stella] Programing tools]

Subject: Re: [[stella] Programing tools]
From: Dan Iacovelli <dan-avc@xxxxxxx>
Date: 4 Jan 00 14:54:32 CST
Jeff Hunt <jeffhunt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey all, Im totally new to atari programing & I was wondering if theres any

> programs or text files to help me get started.  Any web sites on the 
> subject?  Thanks in advance for the help.  I have a cool idea for a game, 
> but I just need to start somewhere.  The title is "Escape from the Prison 
> Planet".  I am also interested in making a friday the 13th game, but havent

> formed any ideas on that one yet.
Jeff, I too is a newbie like you(I recently purchased (back in novemember)
the stella CD v2. and a supercharger, the supercharger came one day before
the CD). I'm also planning on making games for the 2600, my first two games
are a conversion of the games I made on my Ti-99/4a In extended basic.
Anyways I would recommend that you look at Nick B's site on atari
this site has everything you need I would also suggest you D/l the PCAE
so you could test out your games before you port it the computer.
Dan Iacovelli

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