Re: XSL, XT, and ruined well-formed HTML

Subject: Re: XSL, XT, and ruined well-formed HTML
From: Steve Tinney <stinney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 00:48:04 -0500
> XT ruins the
> well-formedness of my document.  It converts all of my <br /> tags to > plain <br> with no end tag.  It does a similar thing to all the 
> other empty tags.  Well this sucks... 

Maybe (from the limited perspective of your immediate needs), but it is
conformant with section 16 of the XSLT spec.

> I changed the output type to xml, and that fixed that
> problem, but then I ran into the problem with all the &nbsp's in the
> documents. (the UTF-8 problem)

If you are going to reprocess it as XML, why is that a problem?
> So, I am in desperate need of either of two answers.
> HOPEFULLY, how to get XT to stop ruining the well-formedness of the
> documents... (doesn't this violate the XHTML rec. anyhow?), or how to

XT is not producing XHTML.  It is producing a form of HTML which
actually works with current browsers.  So, no, no violation there.

> overcome the UTF-8 problem I run into with the text output solution?

If this is really, absolutely necessary, you could hack the text()
template to detect 0xa0 and replace it with &nbsp;.  The input to the
next phase of XML processing you mentioned might not then be valid,
though.  You might get somewhere by investigating the output encoding,
but I'm not familiar enough with XT to say these days.  I've switched
irrevocably to Saxon; you might look at that instead.


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